Anamoose Area Community Foundation Cash Raffle

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHave you purchased your ticket yet for the Anamoose Area Community Foundation cash raffle?  For $10 you have 20 chances to win between $50 and $250.  There are only 500 tickets printed.

The drawing will be Sunday, December 7th at the Anamoose Senior Center Brunch.

You can purchase your ticket from any of the committee members: Norma Martin, Phyllis Zimmerman, Shirley Nitz, Joe & Rose Weninger, Dick Hauser, Bill Goodwin & Alyce Heer.  Tickets can also be purchased at Heringer Lumber Yard, 1st State Bank-Anamoose & KB’s Bar.

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Anamoose Fall Happenings

I remember years ago people said nothing ever changes in Anamoose.  That definitely doesn’t apply to Anamoose now, although most of the changes are not earth-shaking.

I drove around Anamoose yesterday and took pictures of the changes that I know of.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMark and Corine Engen moved into their new home and are getting a new garage and steps.

A new roof is going on the old Sally’s Upholstery building that Mirek and Julia Petrovic have purchased for a Food Hub.  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

People are remarking on this neat new sign on the fence north of the school.  This was an idea of Pat Windish, Anamoose school principal.  His family put it up.   up.  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Linda Uhlich and Bob Becker had new garages built in the last few weeks.  Brad and Becky Fletschock are adding on to the back of their garage.

Linda Uhlich's garage

Linda Uhlich’s garage

Bob Becker's garage

Bob Becker’s garage


In the ditch north of Bonnie Kummer’s house 2 large culverts have been put in and covered with dirt.  Yesterday Oakie Thompson was filling in rocks around the culverts, while Al Sherlock was smoothing out the dirt covering the culverts.  This is a natural waterway, but in the past it could not handle the water and basements would flood.  Bonnie said that years ago her husband Foster would sit in the ditch and pull the tall weeds that grew there.  She is so happy to have this improvement after living next to the ditch for over 40 years.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe pile of Agrilime was purchased by the Civic Club.  It will be mixed with black dirt for the softball infield and grass will be planted.

Dennis and Phyllis Zimmerman just had their house painted a few weeks ago and Marino Linardon had his garage painted.

Dean Martin just built these steps on the west side of his house.  This summer he built a deck on the east side of the house.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

The old garage of the burned out Wagner house has been torn down and the rest of the house will be demolished.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m sure there are other improvements that I don’t know about, but you can see that things are happening.  Visitors that come to Anamoose remark what a clean neat community we have. Residents take pride in their yards.

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John Deere Green

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI’m seeing green John Deere tractors in my sleep.  We are getting ready for an auction Saturday of my husband’s collection of 1500 John Deere toys!  The Anamoose VFW Hall is packed with John Deere toy tractors, semi’s, airplanes etc.  There are a few other colors in the collection as Vernon liked to go to toy  shows and would many times get their featured item.

Come see this huge collection on Saturday, starting at 10:30 A.M. .  You will enjoy looking even if you aren’t a collector. I like the gold and silver tractors best.  Guess they aren’t typical as I’ve never seen one in a field.



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For the Birds

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFriday evening found us Seniors behind the old Beauty Shop on Main Street.  Mike Borgen, the new owner of the building, showed us his 32 Homing Pigeons.  He is training his 6 month old pigeons to return home.  Pigeons can fly home from any place in the US, but Mike is only taking his out about 10 miles this year.  When asked how they can fly back, Mike replied that they can sense a magnetic pole on earth.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe pigeon coop has a low “handicapped” entrance for 2 birds that broke their wings and never healed completely.  These 2 females have become partners and raise eggs for others.  It takes 18 days for the eggs to hatch.  So he does not get too many babies, Mike will sometimes substitute plastic eggs for the real eggs.

Pigeons can be used for weddings and funerals.  When released they will fly in circles before returning home. Rollers, smaller pigeons, do acrobats. Mike would like to have other pigeon owners so he can race them.  He would donate pigeons to them if they would be willing to raise them for racing.  He would also let his pigeons be used free in Anamoose.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Sally’s Upholstery Building Getting a New Life

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The Anamoose JDA & Civic Club met together Monday night to hear Mirek and Julia Petrovic, who live north of Anamoose, and Sue Balcom, the director of the FARRMS agency located in Medina.  Mirek and Julia Petrovic plan to start a … Continue reading

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Corn Feed/ Grants Awarded



Sorry, but I forgot all about putting something on the blog about our Anamoose Area Community Foundation Corn Feed in August.  We had a good turnout at the Senior Center.  Many people remarked this was the best corn that we have had.  We also sold about 20 pies plus caramel rolls.  Pictured above: 1. Husking corn on Saturday.  2 Rose Weninger-Corn Feed Chairman

We gave out $7000 in grants this year to:

  • $1500-City of Anamoose- replacing downtown sidewalks
  • $1500-MainStreams-repair & replace electrical wiring in Anamoose Historical Bank
  • 1500-Park Board-new playground equipment
  • $1500-Anamoose Housing Corporation-new central smoke & fire alarm system$1000-
  • $1000-Tri-county Senior Meals & Services-subsidize shortage of program income
Maurie Becker accepting Housing grant from Shirley Nitz

Maurie Becker accepting Housing grant from Shirley Nitz

Alyce Heer (right)accepting MainStreams grant from Rose Weninger

Alyce Heer (right)accepting MainStreams grant from Rose Weninger

Bill Goodwin accepting grand for Tri-county Senior Meals from Phyllis Zimmerman

Bill Goodwin accepting grand for Tri-county Senior Meals from Phyllis Zimmerman

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAKim Meckle (right) accepting Park Board grant from Alyce Heer



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Volunteerism at Its Best

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI was walking my dog Jack yesterday when I come upon these volunteers hauling rocks at the Anamoose Park.  They had widened the area from Main Street back to the Veteran’s Memorial & were filling it in with rock.  Next spring they will plant shrubs in that area.  Mike told me that it was “Torie’s project”.  But whoever’s idea it was it looks really good!

Volunteers were:  kneeling-Torie Dosch & Mike Schmaltz; working behind them-Frank Sieg; on flat bed-Bradley Lageson & Joe Dosch.

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