Anamoose Wildlife Supper

appreciation supperThe annual Land0wners Appreciation Supper was held last night at the VFW Hall.  A swiss steak meal was served for all area landowners, sportsmen, and members of the Anamoose Wild Life Club.

The speaker was Blake Schaan, Wildlife Resource Management Supervisor. He spoke on the Outdoor Heritage initiative that funds game and fish programs and Save the Lakes program that increases the quality of our lakes and restores shore lines.

Blake Schaan

Blake Schaan

Myron Miller is president of the Anamoose Wildlife Club and Jackie Martin is Secretary/ Treasurer.  The club meets 4 times a year and has about 80-90 members.  They have been a club since 1950-60.  Two of their yearly projects are trap shooting every Monday evening from May to September, and sponsor shooting after hunter safety program.  They had a dock put in at Antelope Lake and are now working on getting a dock at Clear Lake.

Myron Miller

Myron Miller

I was lucky to win one of the 3 prizes-a Dewalt Drill/Driver set, a tool set, and a flashlight.

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A Fun Day at the Farm Credit Women’s Forum

sue 1We all need to listen to a motivational speaker every so often, as I did yesterday at the 21st Annual Farm Credit Service Women’s Forum in Minot.  Sue Hamilton did such an excellent job of presenting that I would like to share some of her message of “Encourager at Heart”.

If someone asks you “How are you”, what do you reply-  “Fine”, “Good”, “Partly cloudy”, “What’s it to you”?  You can usually tell by someone’s expression how they feel. 

You have choices in how you feel.  If you have a negative attitude “Shake it off”.  An example Sue gave was where you wake up and lay in bed planning your perfect day.  You get all dressed up.  And then your husband asks you to pull anhydrous tanks!  What do you do?  Keep a positive attitude or do the crabbies come out?  You have a choice.  Catch yourself, get out of the negative mood, talk to yourself-it doesn’t mean you are crazy.  Smile, look like you’re having fun.  Attitudes can make or break a family!  It is hard to stay positive though.  Think of a positive person that you know.

A negative person will be crabby looking, say icky things, and complain a lot.  They will not be the first on your list to call.

Three characteristics of a positive person:

  •  Open-minded.  Visit with a lot of people.  Have good listening skills. 
  • Confidence
  • Integrity.  This means doing what you said you would do.  When asked to do something, don’t be afraid to say no. Be a woman of your word and do it or say no.  You do not need to give a long explanation. 

You have a choice to be positive or negative.  Enjoy life as it comes-enjoy pregnancy=young children=teenagers (may be difficult)=early 20s=grandchildren, etc.  It ‘s no fun if you don’t enjoy the journey.

tina and lina 2“Tina & Lina” added many laughs to the afternoon as the joked, sang, danced and involved the audience in their hilarious presentation.

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Life in Anamoose as a Senior

I started thinking of all the  advantages we have as seniors in Anamoose. We have a Senior Citizen’s Center where we have monthly meetings the first Monday of each month as well as socials the third Friday.  These are some pictures from the Valentine Cake Walk last night.

Playing Pinocle after Cake Walk

Playing Pinocle after Cake Walk

Some of the cakes for the Cake Walk

Some of the cakes for the Cake Walk

cake walk

During the week we can eat at the Anamoose café, but on Monday’s when the café is closed we can eat at the senior center.  The café and senior center will deliver meals to  home bound seniors.

We can get foot care from the McHenry County Nurse when she comes to Drake every other month, or Colleen Voeller, RN, will come to our homes for foot care, BP check, etc.

At the Anamoose Housing the tenents get together every Saturday for coffee and visiting.

Mardell Helm and Janice Buccholz visit Catholic homebound elderly and take them communion.  Mardell, as a Parish Nurse, checks their medical condition.

Exercises through the RSVP Senior Program are held every Monday and Thursday at 9:30AM. at the senior center.

There are several programs where seniors can work.  Esther Doubek and Gloria Engen  work for the Senior Companions where they visit elderly shut-ins.  Kathy Selzler works for ND Human Services.  She assists seniors with things such as laundry, shopping, meal preparation and personal cares so they can live alone and not have to go to a Nursing Home.

Barb Martin is a Foster Grandparent at the Elementary School, and Lois Rott was a Grandparent till she passed away January 13th.

A Souris Basin Transportation Bus will take passengers to Minot on Thursday for appointments, or wherever they want to go.

So you can see there are many small town advantages for seniors in Anamoose.





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A Gal of Many Talents

barbie and chalk boardI knew had to go get my camera as soon as a saw the colorful Valentine display on the chalk board in the lunch room at the Anamoose Grade School.  Barbie Martin started her holiday decorating at Christmas time.  She next decorated for New Year’s Eve, Johnny Appleseed Day, Valentine’s Day, and plans to do St. Patrick’s Day next.

lg elephantsmall elephantBarbie started out with white chalk, but the 5th  grade teacher, Doreen Hilzendeger, brought her some colored chalk which really makes a colorful scene.  She started the Valentine Day project with one set of “love birds”, and kept adding new pairs each day.  She finished Friday with the last bumble bee.  She said the kids came in each morning for breakfast anxious to see what she had added.

Besides cooking at the school, Barbie also makes banners, decorates wedding cakes, & entered the Art Show at Harvey.  She sketches at home & teaches her kids to draw.   This is the first project where Barbie has used chalk.


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Keeping Fit in Anamoose

Anamoose citizens have fitness in mind.  Since 2010  seniors have been holding chair exercise classes at the Anamoose Senior Center.  These classes were started through RSVP Bone Builders-a program on osteoporosis heart health.  Mardell Helm, Janice Buchholz, Kathy Selzler, and Phyllis Zimmerman have been the instructors. These classes are held every Monday and Thursday at 9:30AM.  They conclude with a 1 or 2 mile walk to a video. (Sorry, but my camera that I have used since 2008 quit working, so picture was fuzzy)

Since 2009 a group called Happy Feet have been meeting in Barb Martin’s garage every Thursday morning at 8:30AM.  They weigh in each time and a lesson is given by one of the members.  Members get advice and support on weight loss and nutritional health.  At present they have about 12 members.happy feet canon

Pictured above are some of the member’s colorful socks that Barb Martin gave to them.

exercise class-canon cameraThis January Kim Meckle organized a group called the Anamoose/Drake Fitness Club.  They meet at 5:30PM every Tuesday and Thursday at the Anamoose Fire Hall.  They exercise to videos such as “The Biggest Loser Workout-Cardio Max Weight Loss”.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAZumba classes have been started at the school at 7PM on Monday and Wednesday.  The classes are taught by Annette Leier.  The cost for Zumba is: Special 1st time drop in fee-$5, Regular drop in fee-$7, Punch card 5 classes for $25.

Not knowing what Zumba is, I looked it up on the Internet.  Zumba is a dance fitness program that involves dance and aerobic elements. ” The choreography incorporated hip-hop, soca, samba, merengue and mambo.”  Sounds like fun and hard work!


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A Beautiful Day For Giving Blood

The warm weather, with a temp of 40, may have been one of the factors to make the Anamoose Blood Drive a success.  On Tuesday, January 27th 38 units of blood were donated.

When I stopped by at 4:30pm the line was moving along smoothly.  I was impressed that some of the interview is now started on a computer & then completed by one of the 4 Blood Service Team members.

Pictured is Kathy Selzler as she gets her arm bandaged up.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Janice Buchholz (pictured) was chairman for the drive.  Kathy Rademacher, Phyllis Zimmerman and Mardell Helm served lunch for the donors.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Sorry about the pictures, but I finally give up trying to clear them up!

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A Very Good Time for a Very Good Cause!

Saturday evening, January 10th, a nice crowd of people came together at the Anamoose Senior Center to enjoy some good food and support a good cause. The Anamoose City Park Board sponsored a Chili Feed and an Ice Fishing Raffle … Continue reading

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