High Winds Take Their Toll

Today I could hear chain saws and heavy equipment cleaning up the mess from the high winds that blew through Anamoose last evening.  Winds up to 50 plus miles an hour can cause a lot of damage to trees.

Oke cleaning up tree

Okie cleaning up tree

Mike Schmaltz at work

Mike Schmaltz at work

Joey and Amber Fisher said the tree in their front yard broke in half about 8:30pm Tuesday with half falling to the south and half falling across the street blocking it off.  Pictured is Okie Thompson with the help of Mike Schmaltz cutting up and hauling the tree away.

A tree on the east school lot broke off, but Okie had already cleaned that up by afternoon.  A large evergreen in the park was pulled out of the ground by the high winds.tree at park uprooted

Jerry and Barbara Helm had 2 trees down in their yard.  One fell on their roof giving them a good scare, but about an hour later it slid off.  The tree in the back yard broke in half about 10 ft. above the ground.  Today Mark Engen and Andy Melton can over to help them clean up their yard.

As I went around town I saw people cleaning up for their friends and neighbors.  Bob Becker was out last evening and early this morning raking up Emanuel Kesler’s yard which is across the street from him.  This afternoon Ron Cartwright and family were getting rid of branches in Dennis and Phyllis Zimmerman’s yard and Emanuel Kesler’s empty lot west of Zimmerman’s.

Barbara Helm summed it up very well.  “When there is a disaster the best of people comes out”.

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Bigger and Better

bin with cap

Bin complete except for conveyors

Bin complete except for conveyors

Arthur Co-Anamoose just put up a new 285,000 bushel bin just west of their 7 smaller bins.  All that is left to do is put up conveyor belts on the top and bottom.  The crew from Wasta, a South Dakota company, put up the bins in about 3 weeks.

The bin is 78 feet in diameter and 24 rings high or approximately 80-90 feet tall.

Jeff Lemer, the station manager, stated “This bin will greatly increase the space for harvest” which is good news for our farming community.


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Touring the Slavic Heritage Farm

Seven women from Anamoose joined others to spend a few hours on Sunday, July 26th at the Petrovic farm.  We had a great time touring the farm and seeing the animals.  We started out eating freshly baked Russian Blyny with jams or chocolate and lemonade-always a good way to start a tour!

merek talking to groupWe were surprised at the number of gardens Julia and Merek have, as well as the varieties of vegetables, fruits, and spices.  No commercial fertilizer is used.  They are very knowledgeable about all the produce they grow.  An intern is staying with them, but she had a family gathering on Sunday.

Barbara Helm with goats

Barbara Helm with goats

Merek chased the mother cow and her twins, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks out of the barn, plus we saw a bunny rabbit in a cage.

kids take moneyThe whole family is involved in the tour, especially the stand where they sell tour tickets, flowers, and their mother’s baked goods.  We were unable to stay for the games and music due to a prior commitment.  I would recommend to take advantage of this tour that will continue from 4-8pm every Sunday through August 30th.

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Changes in Progress


New Windows

It has been a busy week at the Anamoose Housing Apartments!  The tenants are getting new windows, and to prepare for new siding coming soon, the shrubs in the front of the building have been removed. Everyone living at 507 3rd Street West is happy and grateful for the improvements being made on their behalf.  Both Stan & Norma Martin were on deck sprucing up, pulling weeds, raking rock and pleading with me not to take a picture.


Shrubs removed!



Frank Ewert & Crew busy installing new windows

It almost looks like they are ordering a burger and fries!

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Firemen Host Picnic

grilling at picnicIt was a perfect Sunday summer evening for the Anamoose Fireman’s potluck picnic in the park.  All current and past members as well as directors, sponsors and families were invited.  Firemen grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and donated fish, so along with all the salads, desserts, etc there was LOTS of food.

(back) Keith, Kevin (front) Brenda, Deb  Reinowski

(back) Keith, Kevin
(front) Brenda, Deb

Left-Nathan Martin, Dean Martin, Clarence Lemer

Left-Nathan Martin, Dean Martin, Clarence Lemer

Kevin, Debbie, Keith and Brenda Reinowski donated the most fish.  Dean and Nathan Martin and Clarence Lemer were the next highest group to donate fish.  Dean caught the largest walleye on Sunday at 2 lb. 5 oz.

Dean Martin

Dean Martin

Jeff Lemer is the Anamoose Fire Chief with Jason Mann and Dean Martin as assistants.  The Fire Dept. could use a few more firemen to fill their quota of 30.

Jeff Lemer, Fire Chief

Jeff Lemer, Fire Chief

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This Week in Anamoose

flowerrs main st.As I headed for the café on Thursday I saw the 4 petunia flower pots  are up on Main St. intersections and there are 9 hanging petunia baskets up and down Main St.  Jerry Helm has again volunteered to water the flowers.   This is quite a job, as he has to do it daily.

cafeAt the café there were people coming and going to get in on the daily buffet.  After you get filled up on the buffet you get a dish of soft serve ice cream with topping.  Um-good!

I finally remembered to take my camera when I went down to the Greenhouse to get some perennials. It is getting late in the planting season, but Mike Schmaltz still has some beautiful flowers at 25% off.greenhousebegionias

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On 06/22/15, Alyce & Mardi welcomed 3 new families to Anamoose.

travis and ashleyOur first stop was at the home of Ashley Pine, Travis Washburn and their 1 year old daughter Savannah.  They moved to Anamoose from Velva for housing as their home in Velva was very small.  They both are employed at the C-Store in Velva.  They claim not to have any time for hobbies at this time in their lives as they are busy working and raising their cute little girl.  They have a new puppy and kitten which sure keeps Savannah laughing and playing with them.

nick and linseyOur next stop was at the home of Nick & Lyndsay Wilson and their 2 children Alexander (3), and Lily (1).  They come to Anamoose from Corcoran, Minnesota.  Their cousin also moved here a few years ago.  Jobs bring them to ND.  Nick currently has 3 jobs in Harvey.  He works at Spectators, Americana Motel, and Hornbachers Café in Harvey.  Lyndsay is kept busy caring for the children, moving in, and finding a place for everything.  She plans to take on more homemaking duties after she gets everything organized.  She mentioned baking bread, canning, jelly making, etc.  Nick likes to fish when he gets time off.

IMG_0788Our 3rd home was a bit in the country.  Edward & Tammy Scherman moved into Lawrence Zuther’s farm and are loving it!  They were busy planting a vegetable garden, trees, bushes, flowers and grape vines.  They have new flower gardens and have cut down many dead trees.  They also have chickens and are planning to get a goat or two.  They moved here from Minot and Edward works for BNSF.  Their original residence was Montana.  Tammy retired from her job as a currier bringing packages to this area for many years.  She loved the area and was looking for a place like this on her travels.
Their hobbies include gardening and yard work.  They were hard at the yard work when we arrived.  We can’t wait to see all their plans for their property take shape – they have a good start to say the least!

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