Weird Weather Weekend

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Today’s Minot Daily News headline “Weird Weather Weekend” best describes what we had in Anamoose on Sunday.  It started out with about 3 inches of rain that turned to snow later on in the day.  In checking with others we … Continue reading

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Small Businesses are Cornerstone of Community

Anamoose Café owner, Connie Rudnick, serving breakfast.

Anamoose Café owner, Connie Rudnick, serving breakfast.

What do you see when you walk into or drive by Anamoose?

“If you are like many of us, you see a place that offers you goods and services, a place you can go to and get what you want,” says Glenn Muske, the North Dakota State University Extension Service’s rural and agribusiness enterprise development specialist.

Even though we don’t have a large number of businesses you may see the economics surrounding the businesses.  Small businesses mean contributions to the local economy and jobs.  In many rural areas, new businesses may mean an empty space in a struggling downtown is filled.  Yet they mean so much more.  They often form the cornerstone of local communities.

What this means is that small businesses are many times the first in line to support local projects.  Not only do they donate money, but the business owners contribute time by working at special events or fundraisers.

The owners aren’t the only ones, however.  Their employees get involved in these local activities as well.

“But it doesn’t stop there,” says Bonnie Helm, McHenry County Job Development Authority Director.  “Our local business owners and their employees are involved in leadership roles, formal and informal, elected  and volunteer, private and nonprofit, throughout the community.”

In practically al of the small communities in North Dakota, small-business owners and their employees also help with the emergency response teams: fire, ambulance, and disaster response.

Small-business owners recognize the community is their home and don’t hesitate to step up with support.

May 4-8 is Small Business Week in the U.S. this year.  Take the time to stop by your local businesses and say “thanks” for all they do.

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Loyalty Day

Most people know that May brings with it two of the biggest holidays of spring: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  However, if you’re looking for a celebration in May, you don’t have to wait very long after the month begins because May 1st is a holiday, too.

May 1 is known as Loyalty Day in the U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared May 1 Loyalty Day in the fall of 1958, amid the Cold War and the Red Scare, and it effectively replaced May Day in the country. Every president since then has issued a presidential proclamation for Loyalty Day on May 1 to “reaffirm our allegiance to the United States of America and pay tribute to the heritage of American freedom,” according to President Barack H. Obama’s Loyalty Day proclamation.


After the performance comes the treats!


Ready for Bingo!

Sun was shining brightly, just the gentlest of breezes blowing by the way and a good day for a gathering!  A very nice crowd gathered for a Loyalty Day observance Friday, May 1st at the VFW Hall.  Everyone was greeted at the door with a bouquet of Poppies and a welcoming smile.  Musical entertainment was provided by the 6th Grade class from Anamoose-Drake Elementary school, led by Mrs. Holler.

Judy Buchholz Frueh, of Martin, author of “Laughing Solo” and “To Be a Hannah” also gave an inspiring presentation, followed by Bingo games and a lovely lunch.  Everyone that was lucky at Bingo took home a beautiful plant.

It was a good day to be an American in a small community on the plains in central North Dakota USA.

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Awesome Easter Event in Anamoose!

Saturday, March 28th, the Anamoose Park Board did an awesome job bringing this Easter Egg Hunt event to town.

Anamoose Volunteer Fire Dept.


The Park was filled with excited, smiling boys and girls of all ages ready to greet the Bunny and hunt for some special eggs filled with goodies!  The Easter Bunny arrived escorted by the Anamoose Fire Department and greeted kids with waves and a very big smile.  The kids had an opportunity to get up close and personal with the firefighters and the equipment.  How exciting for them to sit at the steering wheel and blow the siren!





The SADD Members, supervised by Kim Meckle, from Anamoose-Drake High School assisted in all the activities of the day in the Park and at the VFW.   Members present were:  Elizabeth Rotherham, Kailey Lemer, Lee Reinowski, Colton Martin, Pete Buri, Tyler Duchsherer, Jackson Rudnick; Hannah Lemer, Austin Schatz, Kenzie Volochenko, Levi LemerThey were great with the kids, but doing so much more.  They all stepped in where needed setting up, cleaning up and keeping the excitement of the event going.  Great job SADD!


A tasty lunch was served at the VFW Hall followed by cake walks, raffles, more dancing, visits with the Bunny and so much fun was had by all.  DSCN0028

_DSC1253Shania Martin from Anamoose and Jade Uhlich from Drake both found the eggs that contained the bike tickets and both took shiny new bikes home.


No one was actually counting heads, but an educated estimate was there were about 200 + people having fun in the Park and at the VFW for the indoor activities.   There are rumors that the event could become annual!  Everyone liked the idea of looking forward to another spring event in the Park!

It was great fun and the Park Board did a great job in putting this fun for the community together and raising funds for the playground equipment at the same time.

The Bunny took time to pose with the Park Board members present:  Karissa Gahner, Kim Meckle, Lori Schmaltz and Torrie Dosch.


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Anamoose Food Hub

Julia & Merek Petrovic  talk on Food Hub

Julia & Merek Petrovic talk on Food Hub

There were many local producers at the first meeting of the Anamoose Food Hub which was a pot luck held at the Anamoose Fire Hall on Sunday.  It was interesting to hear where they all were from and what they grow or market.  They were from Rolette, Rolla, Bowden, Harvey, Fessenden, Rugby, McClusky, Esmond, New Rockford, plus I missed a few.

One young couple from Fessenden raised Aronia berries.  I looked the berry up on the Internet and found they are “chocked full of antioxidants and also offer digestive help and aid in balancing blood sugar.  They are used in juices, wines, syrups, chutney and pies.”  I heard from the others about the usual vegetables being raised, but also fruits, herbs, chickens, turkeys, eggs,  a pumpkin patch, and in Rugby “T he Double Batch Made From Scratch”

where they make bread plus pizza crusts on a grill and sell to customers.

Merek and Julia Petrovic are remodeling the old Sally’s Upholstery building on Main Street for the Food Hub.  They told of how their plan to start a Food Hub has evolved.  They got financial help from the Anamoose JDA for the building and Bonnie Helm, JDA Director, has been helping them with their business plan.  Merek redid the roof, gutted the upstairs, and plans on fixing up the main floor for the Food Hub with a certified kitchen in the back where value-added products can be made.  An example would be making salsa out of tomatoes, or making jams, jellies, pickles.

Rachel Brazil spoke on the Bismarck Community Food Coop at Bismarck.  The Coop plans to open a new store in February, 2016.  They are interested in forming a partnership with the Anamoose Food Hub that would supply them with locally sourced products year round to sell in retail and use in the deli.

Many people want to make a living on gardening and the Food Hub project sounds like it could do just that for area gardeners.



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Easter Egg Hunt at the Park

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  Come to Anamoose and join in the fun!

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Hunter Safety Classes Being Held

Alan Martin teaching class

Alan Martin teaching class

A free 14 hour course on Hunter Safety & Education is being held at the Anamoose Fire Hall from March 14-18th.  Students who are 11 years & older in 2015 can attend.

The Anamoose teachers are:  Mark, Corinne & Kaya Engen; Dorian Anderson; LJ Dusek; Steve Heim; Jeff Lemer; Jackie Martin; & Alan Martin.  Alan has been teaching for 30 years!

Jeff Lemer teaching gun safety.

Jeff Lemer teaching gun safety.

A home study course is also available.  The ND Game & Fish web site has information on this.

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