Lost Bike in Anamoose

A friend from Bismarck told me yesterday that her daughter, Jasmine Backstrom’s 5 year old son lost his 2 wheeler red bike at the Anamoose park last week.

They had gone to lunch and forgot the bike till after they were done eating.  When they went back it was gone.

Does anyone knowwhat happened to it?  Please call Jasmine at 701-351-3820 or Alyce Heer at 701-889-2121.


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First Anniversary

Julia and Mirek Petrovic opened the Farmtastic Heritage Foods Hub one year ago March, 2018.

In April, 2019, they started an International buffet every Thursday evening from 4-7 pm.  They started out with Italian on April 18th, Hungarian on April 25th, Irish on May 2, Russian on May 9th, Czech on May 16th, Indian on May 23rd and Greek on May 30th. The meals will continue through June with June 6th-Brazilian, June 13th-Polish, June 20th-Equadorian, and June 27th-Japanese.

Chocolate cake

Julia with Spanakopita

Rose Weninger took these pictures.  She was at the Greek supper this Thursday and said there was a  good crowd.  The menu consisted of: Fasolatha (white bean tomato soup), lagana  bread, Spanakopita (spinach feta pie), Moussaka, and Greek salad.  Rose said ” the food was delicious”.  Chocolate cake (a favorite of Father Wipinsky) and torte were sold out before the evening was over. About the greek salad  Reannie May said “it was like a greek salad should taste.  It was very delicious.”

On Wednesday this was my neighbor’s Russian Pelmeni (grass fed beef dumplings) with potato salad.  She said it was “excellent”.

Menu for day

Julie and Mirek emphisize that everything is fresh and made from scratch.  They check what they have available and use these ingredients for their menu for the day.  They supplement their menu with local foods when available.

Pictured above is  out of town couples enjoying themselves the afternoon of  Thursday, May 30th.

For inquiries call Mirek at 570-994-3675 or Julia at 701-989-4514.  Or email m_petrovic @ gmail.com or http://www.farmtasticheritagefoods.com


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A Few Hours Spent in Anamoose

Wednesday I  rode with my neighbor, Jeanie Storsteen, from Bismarck to Anamoose to get some plants at Schmaltz Greenhouse.  We know there are a lot of places to get plants in Bismarck but there is no comparision between their plants and Mike’s.

I wanted to know what is new but as usual it was hard to get any information out of Mike. But I got Kailey Lemer, who has worked there for many years.  Kailey is taking online college courses through Dickenson, so has been able to work since March.

They have a new line of geraniums. Americana series has bigger foliage and buds. Moxie!  has smaller foliage and buds so will work in smaller pots.

Pictured is Bubble Gum petunias in the front pot, and the new Paradise in the back pot.

Kailey Lemer stands next to the new Paradise petunias.

The Greenhouse will be open through June on a regular basis.  After July 1  you can call for an appointment.

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Seniors Having Fun

Friday, February 15 the Anamoose Senior Center held a cake walk.  15 cakes were given away!  After the cake walk the Seniors had a good time visiting and snacking.

The Anamoose Senior Center will host the Region ll annual meeting on Wednesday, April 24th.  President Shirley Schnellback said they are looking for entertainment and a speaker.  Any Suggestions?

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Anamoose Fire Dept. Raffle

The Anamoose Fire Dept. held a chili feed Saturday evening, February 16, 2019  to announce the winners of their  $30/ticket raffle.  They also had smaller prizes that were raffled off that evening.  The proceeds will be used for new grass fire equipment.

The following were winners:

  1.   Ice Castle-Donna Wolf-Fargo
  2.   Honda Pioneer-Kathy Vetsch-Anamoose
  3.   Gun Safe-Allen Zuther-Martin
  4.   Traeger Grill-Frank Sieg-Anamoose
  5.   Gun Choice-Derrick Martin-Lincoln
  6.   55″ TV-Taylor Harmel-Rugby
  7.   FLX 28 Vexilar-Glen Mayer-Anamoose
  8.   Dewalt Tool SEt-Logan Haberstroh-Mott
  9.   Ion Auger-Brad Fletschock-Anamoose
  10.   Otter Hub Ice House-Jason Peterson-Epping
  11.   $200 Cash-Jason Schultz-Towner
  12.   $200 Cash- Nathan Martin-Anamoose
  13.   $200 Cash- Stan Anderson-Granville
  14.   $200 Cash-Nathan Martin-Anamoose
  15.   $200 Cash- Greg Vallard-Minot
  16.   $100 Cash-Darin Aaseth-Velva
  17.   $100 Cash-  Tammy Doubek-Anamoose
  18.   $100Cash-Tyler Johnson-Bismarck
  19.   $100 Cash-James Paulus-Denhoff
  20.   $100 Cash-Randy McMahon-Seltz
  21.   $100 Cash-Justin Heil-Harvey
  22.   $$100 Cash-Dave Reisenauer-Cole Harbor
  23.   $100-Jeremy Feist-Harvey
  24.   $100-Denise Thompson-Lisbon
  25.   $100-Rick Trudel-Glyndon, MN


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Anamoose Area Community Foundation Donors


Norma Martin, president AACF, receiving check from Dave Voeller, Ottertail Power Co.

  • Ottertail Power Co.
  • Terpening Construction, Maddock
  • Nelson Funeral Home, Fessenden-Drake
  • HAVIT Services, Harvey
  • NDTC, Devils Lake
  • Doc’s Lodge, Anamoose
  • First State Bank of Harvey, Anamoose,-Harvey
  • United Community Bank, Drake
  • Warehouse Grocery, Harvey
  • Hertz Funeral Home, Harvey
  • Sheridan County Animal Hospital, Harvey

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation would like to thank the above mentioned businesses for not only serving the needs of our community, but also for donating to the AACF endowment fund.  Many thanks also to the individual donors that contributed to the fund.

These donations help make it possible for us to grant funds for our area Fire Dept., The Anamoose Park for equipment, the Tri-County Meal program for seniors, our Early Explorers HeadStart Raiders Daycare programs, local Anamoose 8-plex apartment building and grounds, as well as general city beautification with the restoration of old buildings and city sidewalks.

2018 marked our  anniversary and in the past 10 years we have awarded more than $58,000 in grants.


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Meet the Last Family I Welcomed in 2018!

     On the last day of 2018, I welcomed Paul, Brittany and Willow Bromley to Anamoose.  They purchased the Buchholz home and have made allot of changes to make it their own.  It is really homey and cutely decorated. … Continue reading

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