Money, Money, Money

endowment-fund-brochure.jpgThat’s what we need to get our Anamoose Area Foundation Fund moving. The Foundation concept is simple-to create a fund where gifts from many people are pooled together and professionally handled through the ND Community Foundation.  Each year the income will be used to fund projects in the community.  Through a matching grant program in the ND Community Foundation  we need to collect $25,000 in the first year, and the ND Community Foundation adds $5,000.  In subsequent years, the ND Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000, with a bonus if we can raise $25,000.

To start, we are using the $10,000 that we will receive at the end of June for our 18 month committment to the Horizons Leadership program.  We have received over $7,000 from businesses and individuals, so we have less than $8,000 to go to reach our goal for the year.  We have mailed out letters to Anamoose area people and businesses, and made some personal contacts.  This week we are mailing out letters to all alumni that graduated before 1971. 

Dennis Zimmerman and Bill Goodwin will be putting up a thermometer on Main St. that will keep track of our Foundation Fund.  Pam Heim is our artist for the project. . 

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