Joe Has Only 24 Days to Go!

Yes, Joe Moose is patiently waiting for his marriage to Ana-Lope on Saturday, June 28th.  The Ana-Day committee met last night for final plans for the wedding when Ana will join Joe on the Welcome sign, and change her name to Ana-Moose. 

The program will start at 3pm in the Anamoose Park.  Rev Danelle Olson is the MC.  The men’s Centennial group will sing; Helen Nolden, Eleanore Dossenko, and Senator Ryan Taylor will speak.  Richard Derrickson will read a poem about Anamoose and the wedding that was written by his wife, Judy.  A mock wedding will be held after the program.  The wedding party consists of: Minister: Maurie Becker, Bride: Ron Cartwright, Groom: Barb Martin, Bridesmaid: LeRoy Becker, Best Man: Judy Derrickson, Flower Girl: Doug Rademacker, and Ring Bearer: Susie Littrel.  Following the wedding a free picnic meal will be served along with wedding cake and moose nugget favors.  You will be able to have a photo shoot with the wedding couple, or Joe and Ana cutouts in the park for a small fee.  There will be a Moose Shoe Contest and some games for kids. 

Plan to join us for the wedding Saturday, June 28th. 

First picture: around the table from left to right-Maurie Becker, Pam Heim (behind),LeRoy Becker (trying on antler), Doug Rademacker, Fern Reinowski, Judy Derrickson, Richard Derrickson, Susie Litrell, Phyllis Zimmerman(behind), and Bonnie Dockter. 


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