Our Local Artist

Pam Heim has done many moose designs over the years.  In 2002 she won a contest for a t-shirt design for the 2nd 4th of July Fun Run.  Since then she has continued to design the yearly t-shirts & be in charge of the event.  The Anamoose Civic Club liked her 2002 design so well they had her design Joe Moose who leans against our Anamoose Welcome sign at the Highway 52 entrance. 

Pam’s moose designs are also on the water tower, peek-thru welcome sign in the park, t-shirts for our Joe & Ana-Moose wedding, a window of the old grocery store, our Anamoose Area Community Foundation thermometer, & several of our yearly demolition derby t-shirts.  She drew Joe & Ana-moose designs for a grade coloring contest this spring.   Pictured are 1. Pam painting peek-thru sign in park.  2.  Water tower  3.  Joe & Ana-Moose t-shirts  4.  Anamoose Area Foundation  5.  Joe & Ana design  6.  Joe (on right) designed by Pam.


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