Volunteers are Abundant

We have many volunteers in Anamoose.  I will show just a few.  1.  Janice Buchholz planting 4 barrels of petunias on Main St.  2.  Wayne Vanette goes to Granville to get commodities from the McHenry Co Food Pantry during his 6 months in ND   3.  Pam Heim painting in the park  4.  Phyllis Zimmerman organizes the annual Blood Drive.  5.  Myself & Angie Kesler were helpers for the  Blood Drive.  6.  Mardell Helm gives monthly craft lessons at the Senior Center.  7.  Community Foundation Fund thermometer painted by Pam Heim & Phyllis & Dennis Zimmerman keep it current. 

Some other examples of volunteerism are: workers at Monday night bingo, taking care of flowers & shrubs by Anamoose sign, delivering Monday meals to shut ins, cutting grass for others, changing the marque, senior quilters, and the list goes on & on. 


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