What an Awsome Wedding!

I woke up yesterday morning sure that it was going to rain on our outdoor moose wedding, but the sun came out and we had a great crowd that gathered for our program & wedding.  The program was first with Danelle Olson as MC.  Richard Derrickson read a poem “The Tale of Joe & Ana Moose” composed by Judy Derrickson.  Speakers were: Senator Ryan Taylor from Towner; Lynette Flagge, Horizon’s Director; & Eleanore Dossenko, who spoke on the 3 R’s of Marriage.  The men’s Centennial singers entertained the large crowd. 

The wedding party arrived by Ron Bartz’s horse & buggy.  There were quite a few protests to the bride & goom getting married, but the marriage went on with the groom presenting the bride with a HUGE “ring” & the happy couple nuzzling after they said their “I do’s”.  Around 200 people enjoyed the picnic meal of barbeques, potato salad, beans & wedding cake.

The video shows some of the events of the day.  (This is only the second video I have ever made, and some of the pictures got deleted & I couldn’t figure out how to get them back in. ).  Dick Hauser & his crew set up chairs (pictured), while Steve Heim & helpers set up the sound system   The wedding cake was made by Marceline Hoaglund.  The next 3 pictures show the speakers: Ryan Taylor, Lynette Flagge, & Eleanore Dossenko.  The wedding party was led by the ring bearer-Donna Hase & flower girl-Doug Rademacher.  The bridesmaid,LeRoy Becker, shows her(or should that be his) open backed dress & the groomsman, Judy Derrickson, sports a white shirt & tie.  They are followed by the bride, Ron Cartwright, carrying her beautiful arrangement of wild flowers; & moosegroom, Barb Martin, dressed in his best attire.  Ted Sitz & his back up singers provided a moose musical rendition for the happy occasion.  Maurie Becker, the moose minister, tried to keep the wedding ceremony on track.  We even had a moose hunter (Curtis Hase) in the crowd. The bride & groom fed each other wedding cake.  The bride posed by herself, while the groom posed with the flower girl. Ryan Taylor got a moose kiss from the bridesmaid, (I wondered why LeRoy had a ton of lipstick on). I got some of the wedding party to pose for me, but some disappeared to change clothes.    Marceline Hoaglund, Pam Heim & Bonnie Dockter (not pictured) served the cake.  Bonnie & Pam told me they were aunts of the bride.  Missy Lucas helps little Katie show off her Joe & Ana T-shirt.  Judy Derrickson held games after the picnic lunch.  The meal was served in the park shelter by Bill Goodwin & his crew.  The last few pictures just show the groups of well fed people that stood around visiting.

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