4th of July Fun Run/Walk

first-place-winner.jpgfirst-woman-to-come-in-on-5-k-run.jpg1st-place-man-woman-in-5-k-run.jpgWe had our 8th annual Moose on the Loose July Fun Run/Walk.  There were about 45 participants. Winner of the 5K Run was Tyler Shaver from Chicago at a time of 20:45.  He said he came to Anamoose because he heard about our moose wedding in the Chicago paper, but I think he came to see Whitney Buchholz, Bismarck, who won the woman’s 5K.  Whitney’s mother, Tami, took 2nd place, & sister, Sidney, took 3rd place.  Her grandparents, Dorothy & Vernon Kesler, took part in the 5K walk. 

2nd-place-winner-5-k-run.jpg3rd-place-winner-5k-run.jpgSecond place winner in the 5K was Alex Holen from McClusky with a time of 21:29.  Third place winner was Scott Holen, Alex’s dad.  Scott told me to say “Alex’s old man was 1/2 minute behind & next year will catch him”. 

Winners of the 1 mile run were:  Men-Clay Bachmeier, Fargo; Women-Mackenna Bachmeier, Fargo

winners-5-k-walk.jpgThere were more relatives taking part..  Some that I know of were my granddaughter Honor, & her mother, Jeanne Prom, who took 1st & 2nd place in the 5K walk.   Kathy Selzler & her 2 granddaughters participated.  Kathy run the 5K Run, walked the 5K walk with me (we came in 9th & 10th), and run the 1 mile (I walked).   In May Kathy took part in the 13 mile Fargo 1/2 marathon where there were 13,000 registered runners.  Wow! 

All participants & helpers got a bright yellow t-shirt (Tyler has his on) that was designed by Pam Heim, organizer of the event.  Proceeds from the run go to the Anamoose Fire Dept. 

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