Hurrah, We Made It!

We had our final Horizon’s celebration today at Bismarck.  All 21 communities got to “toot their horns” and tell what they had  done, either by a presentation, a display, or both.  I gave a power point presentation for Anamoose, & we had a display.  Janice Buchholz put together a scrapbook of our 18 month program, ending with our wedding of Joe & Ana Moose.  Rutland told that they have their first woman on their city board, just like here, Bonnie Dockter just started Monday on the board.  Wallhala told that “Horizons for Walhalla was like a pep rally”.  They have a Pumpkin Fest every year & had a 792 lb pumpkin.  One seed can cost up to $60-unbelievable! 

We received a large impressive plaque with a picture of our Joe & Ana Moose Welcome sign on it.  We also received our final $8500 that we will put in our Anamoose Area Community Fund.  Pictured with the plaque are:  LaDonna Goodwin, Janice Buchholz, Dr. Coston, NDSU; myself (Alyce Heer), Phyllis Zimmerman, Pam Heim, Shriley Nitz & Mardell Helm.  Back row:  Bill Goodwin, Kevin Dvorak, ND Community Foundation; Dennis Zimmerman, Tana Walker, _____, and Gov. Hoeven. 


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