The Tale of Joe and Ana Moose

The following is a poem written by Judy Derrickson for our Joe and Ana wedding on June 30th.  It is a great poem and she wrote it in about 20 minutes!

joe-sign.jpgThis is a tale of love that is vast

It is strong and patient and bound to last.

It’s the story of Joe, a sport loving moose

Who came to North Dakota basketballs to set loose. 

He was honest and kind and had talent to boot

That the town wanted him to stay was a point that was moot

Joe loved his new home place and the friendly people therein

But he longed for a life’s mate that was much more like him.

He looked to the South and was disappointed to find

There were distant family members, but none of his kind.

He vowed that his search would continue anew,

For his heart was telling him, “There is someone for you”.

He spent years seeking love in the East and the West,

To find just the right partner was Joe’s single quest.

Then one day as he boarded a train to go back

He saw a beautiful young thing crossing the track.

Joe tried to disembark-to chase after this dream,

But fate was not with him that day, it seemed.

So he leaned out the open window in hopes he’d be heard.

What is your name DEER he shouted his plea,

As she turned and their eyes met they were both filled with glee.

For she too had been searching for just the right male

She’d turned many down, but now her heart sailed.

She shouted, “Ana’s my name and I’ve been waiting for you

Tell me where you are going, and I’ll come there, too.”

The train whistle blew as Joe shouted back

And when the whistle silenced Ana was gone from the tracks.

Joe hurried off the train at the very next stop

And rushed back to the town…..hoping Ana to spot.

No one seemed to know of Ana.  She didn’t live there,

He searched and searched, but she’d vanished like air.

He vowed to wait and find the right way,

To help Ana, his life’s mate, find him some day.

He put up a big sign for passersby to view

In hopes she would see it and know his love was true.

The sign stood for years with Joe standing along

Emblazoned with her name, (Anamoose) declaring it home.

For 5 years Joe waited believing in Fate

That Ana would come and their vows they would take.

And now on this day we are all gathered here

To join them foreverjoe-moose-designed-by-pam-heim.jpg

   And toast them

       And cheer!!

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