Anamoose Park Featured

I forget what a great park we have till I am reminded by an article in the Minot Daily News in which they interviewed Buck Buchholz.  “A World War ll tank has held a place of pride in the Anamoose city park since the late 1990s.  Anamoose war veterans were responsible for bringing a World War ll era tank to the Anamoose City Park…..The tank, which was acquired from the North Dakota National Guard at Camp Grafton, has twin 40 millimeter guns, weighs 6,900 pounds and is 20 feet in length and 9 1/2 feet tall….The Anamoose city park, like all parks, has quite a history behind it.  According to the Anamoose city Web site, it got its start with a man named Emil Splettstoser, a German immigrant, who planted flower beds, trees and lilac bushes on his farm.  It became known as Sweet Home Park.  When he moved into Anamoose, he planted flowers, cottonwood trees, and placed patriotic signs throughout the park.  The park that had been neglected turned into a beauty.  Splettstoser died in 1945, but the residents of Anamoose continue to improve on the park.” 

Pictured are: World War ll tank, Memorial to war veterans, playground equipment & shelters where Farmer’s Market is held every Monday evening. 


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