100_1111.JPG       100_1112.JPG                   Ten hunter rental units in Anamoose and points near now have a folder that tells visiting hunters what they can find in Anamoose for eating places, churches and times of services , emergency numbers, area businesses, hunting units, regulations, sunrise and sunsets, map of Antelope Lake, Birders and Scenic North Country Trail map as well as a few wild game recipes.  There is a monthly Anamoose Calendar that will be updated by owners monthly to give our visitors up to date information making their stay with us a great experience for them and us!  Information will be updated once a year by the Civics Club.                                                          

100_1113.JPG   Calvin Helm                        100_11141.JPG  Doc’s Lodge                                   100_1115.JPG    Marilyn Bromley                     100_1117.JPG   Brad from Sage Hill                

 A few of the owners allowed me to take their pictures and others were to shy or not at home at the time of delivery last week.  

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