To move to a new home and location is very trying in the summer but 2 families moved to Anamoose THIS winter and had to have their driveways cleared of snow before they could get to their doors to move in!  The landscape has not changed since the December moves, in fact more snow has accumulated since then.

        100_1276.JPG   Dale and Michele Vaughn came from Ukiah, California, which is about 1 1/2 hrs north of San Francisco.  Michele worked for a Manufacturing Home Industry for 25 years and is retired unless something good comes along.  Dale is working out of Watford City for Power Fuels, and he had a trucking business in California.  They have ties to Anamoose with a Grandmother, Pauline Cartwright, living in Harvey and Michele’s Parents, Arla Mae and Wayne Vannett, spending spring – fall in Anamoose.  She also has Aunts and Uncles in the same town, Ron and Sandy Cartwright and Emanuel and Angie Kesler.  It has been their dream to move here and they have been thinking about it for quite some time – in fact when ever they visited the desire became stronger.  Michele has joined 2 clubs already and volunteered to be on the Program committee for the Senior Citizens Club.  They have a cute and friendly dog named “Buster”.  Michele loves crafts and Dale has an interest in hunting and fishing.

   100_1275.JPG  Our second family comes to us from Harvey.  Chris and Michelle Powell and girls (Kehley 15, twins Lyndsey and Chelsey are 9) moved to Harvey in 2006 from Arizona.  As a young boy Chris moved around as his dad was in the Air Force and they had spent time at Minot Air Force Base.  They knew what they were getting into with the weather in ND.  They moved onto the beautiful Schmeetz farm just south of Anamoose and find the setting just perfect for them and their 4 horses.  I had to get a picture of the 3 friendly Paint horses however the Buckskin was not as willing to come out of the barn.  The family is also camera shy so we do not have one of them.  Michelle is standing by the horse fence.  She works as office manager and bookkeeper at Cenex in Harvey.  Chris works for an Excavating Business in Minot and this winter has been trucking machinery and hay.  Chris’s parents also moved from Sebastian, FL, to Harvey so they have family close by.  His sister remained in Minot when the rest of the family left Minot.  The girls attend school in Harvey and ride back and forth with Michelle.  They have the advantage of knowing most of the kids in two towns.  The twins love sledding and were out 3 times the day I came to visit.  Living in a small ND town has given them peace of mind, a good place to raise children, and have the life they want to live with the animals they love.                                                100_1282.JPG     100_1281.JPG

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