“Market in the Park”

Market in the Park  is the new logo for the Anamoose outdoor market.  A group of 7 met last week at Bonnie Dockter’s home to plan for the summer.  The Market will run from Monday, July 6th through Monday, Oct. 9th.   If you are interested in selling at the market, or providing entertainment, call Bonnie Dockter. 

Bonnie is working with Maria Effertz Hanson, McHenry Co. JDA Director, on getting a Farmer’s Market grant to cover costs such as advertising, signs, etc. 

Woody Selzler is again offering free garden spaces in his community garden.  If interested call Bonnie Dockter at 465-3088.  New seed varieties can be ordered on line from Thomas Kalk, Horticultural Educator -tom.kalk@ndsu.ed  .

farmers-market-mtg-at-bonnies.jpgPictured are:  Woody Selzler, Phyllis Peiler Zimmerman, Kathy Selzler, Tami Miller, Bonnie Dockter,   Lois Rott, & Rosemary Vollmer. 

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