The Big 1

Time is flying by & the 1st Anniversary of Joe & Ana-Moose is coming soon-Saturday, June 27th to be exact.  Some eager beavers thought it was time to have a baby moose, but our happy couple are too young & having too much fun to have a little moose yet. 

We met last evening to plan for the big event.  Starting at 4pm on the 27th we will have a program in the park with music & speakers.  We are still working on all the details.  The Wedding party will be all dressed up to greet you.  Ana said she has a new dress for the occasion.  She is still shopping for Joe so he doesn’t come in his old work clothes. 

Following the program we will have a pot luck meal with sloppy joes & coffee furnished.  So mark your calendar for Saturday, June 27th, & will will be giving you more details on the big 1st Anniversary as the day comes closer. 

1st-joe-ana-moose-anniv-mtg.jpgPictured are: Janice Buchholz, Phyllis Zimmerman, Kathy Rademacker, Doug Rademacker, Ron Cartwright, & Barb Martin. (Click to enlarge)

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