Do We Want an Ice Skating Rink in Anamoose?

When the Fire Dept. built a new fire hall, it was on built on the former ice skating rink on north west Main St.  The warming house was temporarily moved to an empty city lot. 

lot-for-skating-rink.jpgThe Albrecht family donated land just north of the Lutheran Church parking lot specifically for the skating rink.  The City Council requested the Park Board’s help with the rink, but they declined.  Brent Weninger stated at a Civic Club meeting that he is willing to bank up the edges on the lot so it can be flooded this winter. 

The City Council discussed the ice skating rink at their June meeting.  They decided to abandon the project unless there is a good sign of interest by citizens.  They discussed flooding it this winter with a hose & move the warming house there, but not hook it up to electricity.  A person is needed to take responsibility for the rink to get this project going. 

So you ice skaters-young & old alike- need to let the City Council members know that you want a skating rink.  Call any of the members:  Frank Ewert, Bonnie Dockter, Scott Meckle,& Jeff Lemer, or Mayor Mike Rudnick or email me at 

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