9th Annual Moose on the Loose Fun Run/Walk

The 4th of July in Anamoose is associated with the Anamoose Moose on the Loose Fun Run/Walk.  Pam Heim has been in charge of it for its 9 years.  Volunteers furnish muffins & watch along the route for traffic. 

Winners are: 

 Men’s 5K-1st place: Kyle Heim (Picture 1)  2nd place:  Steve Heim-Kyle’s dad (Picture 2)  Domingo Juarez Jr. 

 Women’s 5 K- 1st place: Linda Kamble,  2nd place:  Pam Heim-Kyle’s mother (Picture 3)  3rd Place:  Deb Grady               

 Men’s 1 mile:  1st place:  Derek Fahy,  2nd place:  Tom Alveshere,  3rd place:  Seth Fahy,    

Women’s 1 mile:  1st place:  Kristen Reinowski,  2nd place:  Kaya Engen, 3rd place:  Kathy Selzler-Kaya’s grandmother (picture 4) Kathy & family–Kathy, Cindy Hogenson, Kaya Engen, & Brenda Selzler. 

Some of us decided to make a full morning of it & did both the 5K & the 1 mile.  Pictured are 4 of us who did:( picture 5): Janet Zuther, myself, Shirley Nitz & Norman Martin.  Picture 6:  Kailey Lemer models her moose antlers & shirt.  Picture 7: Waiting for the races to start.

kyle-heim.jpgsteve-heim.jpg pam-heim.jpg kathy-family.jpgend-of-4-miles.jpg  keiley-lemer.jpg  toby.jpg                                     

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