Money to Give Away

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation gave away their first grant funds of $1800.  This was based on the money that was raised in 2008.  Those receiving grants are:

aacf-grant-to-city.jpg1.  City of Anamoose for sidewalks, curbs, & gutters-pictured are Phyllis Zimmerman (left) & Shirley Nitz presenting mayor Mike Rudnick with a $500 check.

park-board-grant-phyllis-roberta.jpg2.  Anamoose Park Board for new roof for park bathroom-pictured are Phyllis Zimmerman presenting Roberta Ewert with a check for $500

jackie-bill-check-for-civic-club.jpg3.  Anamoose Civic Club for summer youth recreation-pictured is Bill Goodwin presenting President Jackie Martin with a check for $500.

4.  Anamoose Area Community Foundation-fundraising support-$300

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