Compliments Always Welcome

jim-young.jpgI am always glad to hear good things about Anamoose & ND.  When Jim Young, Anamoose alumni, sent me some emails he got from some couples who visited him here in ND, I decided I should share the comments.  Jim & Marie Young have a home in Sun City West, AZ & spend their summeers in Drake.  They usually come to Anamoose Mondays for the noon meal at the Anamoose Senior Center & frequently to the cafe.  I took Jim’s picture last night at the Market in the Park.  The following are quotes from his emails:

“We were delighted to have met your friends.  They are such a lovely bunch of people and we now understand what pulls you back every year, it’s a lot more than just the land.  It’s easy to see how pleasant it must be to spend time with them particularly since you grew up with some of them in what must have made for a happy youth” 

“The Dakotas were so different from anything we have ever seen and so beautiful”.  “In addition to seeing you again we havw also come to the conclusion that seeing your friends was the trips highlight.  Thanks again for sharing them with us-we are so impressed at how self sufficient and self contained they are-the husband of the woman we met at breakfast having 16 Studebakers in his garage/house, Vernon having one of probably every model tractor John Deere ever made,—-all this is Anamoose!  Probably every town has some sort of collections like those.  We never would have appreciated what ND was all about without seeing them.  It must have been great growing up with them and we continue to get a better appreciaton of what pulls you back.” 

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