More Changes in Anamoose

It doesn’t seem that long since I blogged on a bunch of improvements in Anamoose, but as I walk around town I see a lot more.  Some of them are: 

jerry-barb-helm.jpg Jerry & Barb Helm have a new paint job on their house.   Barb told me the colors are Timber Dust with a Coconut Milk trim!

new-paint-on-dale-michelle-vaughn-house.jpgmichelles-window.jpg  Dale & Michelle Vaughn are painting their house a Sage Green & had a new window put in their living room.  The window really made it look so much bigger 

new-roof-on-linardon-house.jpgCheryl & Joe Linardon have a new roof on their house & are in the process of residing their house. 

docs-lodge.jpgdockter-family-working-of-lodge.jpg  Doc’s Lodge is getting new siding by the Gussie Dockter family.  They say a new roof is next. 

colleen-bill-wallstad-house.jpgcolleen-bill-wallstad-little-house.jpg  Bill & Colleen Wallstead of Bullhead, AZ painted the trim on their house & the outside of their smaller house when they were just here for a month. 

larry-haluskas-roof.jpg  Larry Haluska has a new roof on his house.

adam-michelle-ehrman.jpgehrman-garage.jpg Adam & Michelle Ehrman’s house & garage have new roofs.

Raymond & Linda Babb are just starting to paint their large house (formerly Sandi Kenady house). 

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