Welcome to Anamoose!

  100_1395.JPG   Today 3  Anamoose residents, Mardi Helm, Barbara Helm and Bonnie Helm presented Beau (Linda’s son), Linda and Raymond Babb with a “Welcome Sign” for their home.  They moved into Anamoose in the spring and I did part of the welcome then and just got the sign done that was presented to them today.

   100_1397.JPG   They came to Anamoose from Eugene, Oregon.  Linda wanted to move South and Raymond wanted to go North so they moved EAST and we are happy they did!  They found Anamoose and the home they moved into on the internet and sight unseen they took a chance and are glad that they did.  There is much work to do on the house and Raymond and Beau are busy painting the outside now and have the south side done and are working on the west side.  You can see the paint color on Raymond in the picture – white.  They have done a bit of plumbing and allot of yard clean-up and interior fixing and cleaning.  They continue to own a home in Eugene but luckily her brother is living in it now.  Linda’s daughter was with them when they first came but went back because she missed her friends. They are hoping Kyra moves back with them when school starts.

   Linda works at the job she had in Oregon, for a Musician’s Publisher Radio Station on the Web.  She can do this in her home anywhere she wants to live.  Ray was a construction worker and will go back to that line of work when the necessary work is done on the house.  It sounds like he has quite a list to keep both him and Beau busy for awhile.

   The slow pace of Anamoose was mentioned several times and they like the country feeling of a small town.  “The housing may be cheaper but the food and other things are much higher in ND.”  They are finding the ND sales tax something new for them as they did not have that in Oregon.

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