100_1486.JPG     Nine crafty ladies were taught how to make tile picture necklaces by Misty Whitaker Fry from Moorehead, MN today.  She and her mother Marlene along with her daughter Lilly gave the ladies 1 1/2 hrs of fun in jewlry making.  The actual ones we made had to dry over night so we were not able to get good pictures but the first picture shows some that Misty had made and the chain is added later. 

  100_1484.JPG            100_1485.JPG          100_1483.JPG    Pictured in the 1st photo are Janice Buchholz, Misty Fry holding her daughter Lilly; in the 2nd photo is Mardi Helm, Arla Mae Vannett, Angie Kesler, Nina Helland, and Kathy Rademacher; in the 3rd photo is Phyllis Zimmerman, Sandy Cartwright and Janice Buchholz.  Avoiding the camera was Marlene Whitaker.  This was our September Craft lesson.  In October we will learn how to knit!!

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