Morning to Night Fun

softball-game-1.jpgsoftball-game2.jpgsoftball-game-3.jpgSaturday the Anamoose Civic Club Harvest Fest started at 8am with Co-ed softball games, & ended at midnight after the dance.  The Martwick team took first place at the softball games..  In the afternoon there were 12 teams for horseshoes with Kelly Schmaltz & Chris Martin taking first place. Pictured: Joel Doubek – joel-doubek.jpg

Lydell Martin- lydelle-martin.jpgMichelle Ripplinger(score keeper) & Randy Kummermichelle-ripplinger-randy-kummer.jpg

Janice Buchholz said they had a good crowd for the afternoon bingo.    Fred Hase & Bob Becker had 16 play Wii Bowling.  Tyler Fahy was the winner. 

toilet-race.jpgbrad-in-race.jpgThe toilet race had people cheering loudly as Brad Lageson (pushed by Austin Schatz) easily beat Kelsie Fahy.   He won the grand prize of a package of toilet paper!

large-crowd-for-chili-feed.jpgbrent-as-mc.jpggrand-prize.jpgpicking-out-prizes.jpgMany came for the Fire-men’s Raffle & Chili Feed at the Fire Hall. Brent Weninger was the MC for the event.   I heard Sunday they went through 6 1/2 roasters of chili.  Karrie Opdahl, Fessenden, won the grand prize (pictured), but many in attendance won smaller prizes. (Patsy Frey, Dennis Zimmerman & Barb Helm picking out their prizes). 

listening-to-music.jpgafter-dark-band.jpgGood music was enjoyed by young & old.  In the afternoon Francis Seefeld & Marvin Helland entertained on their accordians & at 9pm the After Dark band warmed up the crowd. 

The Civic Club lunch wagon was popular all day & many high school students helped serve.  The carmel rolls sold out fast at the ball games.  I found out what a shipwreck is (nachos, hamburger, & cheese), & how popular they are. 

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