A Big Year for Weddings

Wow!  We had 6 weddings of people from Anamoose since June.

geigle-wedding-party.jpgLisa & Darren Geigle were married on June 19th & had their wedding reception on October 3rd.  In May they moved out to the Otto Geigle farm-Darren’s dad.  Darren works for CP Railroad & Lisa drives bus for the Anamoose School.

chris-and-alisha-wedding-for-blog.jpgChris Martin, son of Dean & Jackie Martin, & Alisha Senger, daughter of Mike & Shiela Senger, were married June 13th in Orrin with their reception in Anamoose.  They live in Bismarck.  Chris works for Blue Flint Ethanol in Underwood & Alisha is in her first year internship for Radiology. 

Holly Degenstein, daughter of Todd & Gladys Degenstein, married Branden Savenko on July 31st.  They reside in Mandan where Holly works for Triumph as a Respitory Therapist.  Branden does concrete work.

wedding-josalyn.jpgJosalyn Buxa, daughter of Rod & Corene Buxa, & Blake Grueneich were married in Bismarck August 1st.  Both will graduate from college in the spring-Josalyn as an RN & Blake as a Web Designer. 

mary-brent-hager-wedding-picture.jpgMary & Brent Hager, son of  Donald & Marie Hager, married September 12th in Anamoose.  They reside in Anamoose where  Brent farms north of town,  & Mary works at Rue 54 in Harvey. 

jenifer-scott.jpgJennifer Becker, daughter of Maurie & Emy Becker, married Stuart Haugen on September 19th in Anamoose.  Jennifer & Stuart both work for ING in Minot. 

barb-tony.jpgdarcy-darcy.jpgA couple signifiicant anniversaries this summer were Tony & Barb Martin’s 50th anniversary, & Darcy & Darcy Martin’s 25th anniversary.  They  celebrated their anniversaries  with an open house at Tony Martin’s. 

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