Recycle It

recycle-bin.jpgAnamoose has a new recycle bin north of the City Shop.  Brent Weninger made a large bin that holds #1  plastic, cardboard, & newspapers.  HAV-IT Recycling Center of Harvey will pick up from the bins.  Only #1 & 2 plastics are accepted.  Look for the number, located on the container bottom, inside the recycling symbol.  Double rinse the containers, but caps can be left on.  Only corrugated cardboard is be be put in the bin.  The newspapers include advertising inserts. 

I talked to Bonnie Dockter, city board member, about the recycling.  She said this will help the environment & decrease what goes in the land fill. 

10.7 million tons of newspapers are generated each year; 2.4 million of this are advertising inserts.  This figures out to be 99 peices of paper per person each year. 

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