Christmas on Main Street

connie-jude.jpgopen-house-at-heringers.jpgmore-people-at-lumber-yard.jpgryan-brent-and-mike.jpgwayne-visiting.jpgMonday Heringer Lumber Yard had open house from 4-6:30pm in which they served goulash & goodies.   They gave out calendars & shopping bags.  Pictured are: 1.  Connie Rudnick & Judi Heringer serving goulash.  2 & 3  Some of the Lumber Yard customers enjoying some food.  4.  Employees Ryan Bruner, Brent Weninger, & manager Mike Rudnick.  5.  Owner (right) Wayne Heringer visiting with Rose Weninger & Chris Becker. 

Today First State Bank-Anamoose Branch/Stan Martin Insurance Agency & the Anamoose Post Office had open houses from 9-4pm.  I had coffee & goodies at the Post Office in the morning & then chili, hot dog, & a bar at the Bank at noon.  Norma was also handing out Christmas ornaments, money envelopes, & calendars.  Pictured are: 1.  Norma & Stan Martin serving chili & hot dogs.  2.  Just one table of customers.  3.  Dick Hauser-postmaster.  4.  Morning coffee at the Post Office.  5.  Tooooo much to choose from!

norma-stan-serving-chili-hot-dogs.jpgone-table-at-bank.jpg dick-hauser.jpgpost-office-open-house.jpggoodies-in-post-office.jpg

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