Christmas Storm

Many plans were changed on Christmas Day and the weekend due to the snow storm that started Thursday and lasted thru Saturday evening.  I was out in the back yard Saturday before it stopped snowing and “unofficially” my yard stick showed 18 inches (ranged from 13-22 inches with the drifting).  As far back as I can remember this is the most snow that we have even had over Christmas.  Brent Weninger was out early Saturday clearing off the Main St.  The piles of snow aren’t as big as they got last year, but we have a few months to gobrent-clearing-main-st.jpg

We didn’t get the Saturday and Sunday Minot Daily News till late Sunday morning.  There was no mail on Saturday yet Dick Hauser had to come into the Post Office. 

christmas-day-at-my-house.jpgThe picture shows some of us at our house on Christmas Day that had our travel plans changed by the storm-Standing:  Angie Kesler, myself, Janice Buchholz, Mardi Helm.  Sitting:  Buck Buchholz, my husband Vernon, Duaine Dockter, and Emanuel Kesler.  Lyla Dockter took the picture.  Calvin Helm was home sick with a cold. 

tree-and-snow-bank.jpgcartwright-home.jpgpost-office.jpgbank.jpg1. Saturday Connie Rudnick pointed out to me that this tree north of the tracks  has not lost its leaves.   2.  Ron and Sandy Cartwright’s home where snow drifted up side.  3 & 4.  Couldn’t resist taking these two pictures at 8am today (Monday)  as the lights were so pretty with the snow. 

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