Another Storm!

main-st-storm.jpgnear-my-house.jpgYes, we are in the middle of our second big storm of the winter.  We had a little break after getting 6 inches of snow on Friday, and then just a few inches Saturday & Sunday.  But today, Monday, we are getting blowing snow with wind gusts up to 30-40 miles an hour.  Early this am they announced Anamoose would have school with no rural buses running.  Then it was announced that school was 2 hours late, and finally school was closed altogether.  “Travel should be for Emergency Situations Only” keeps running across the top of the TV screen this afternoon. 

connie-2.jpgDarlene Frueh couldn’t make it in from the country to cook at the Sr Center, so Connie Rudnick (pictured) opened the cafe for us in town.  Over 25 of us enjoyed turkey, chicken, & meat ball buffet.  She only charged $6, while at most restaurants you would pay $7-$10 for the same meal. 

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