What’s in a Name?

Anamoose-it is a different name, isn’t it?  At least that is what I hear from people that haven’t heard it before.  Yet when I checked on unusual US names Anamoose wasn’t even listed.  Some of the really weird ones are:  Stinking Bay, AK; You Bet, CA; Gas, KS; Two Egg, FL; Pig, KY; Double Trouble, NJ; Upper Pig Pen, NC; Tightwad, MO; Hot Coffee, MS; Hell, Michigan; Big Butt, NC; & Lizard Lick, NC. 

joe-moose-designed-by-pam-heim.jpgAnamoose means dog, not a girl moose as we have indicated on our Anamoose Welcome sign.  From the Anamoose history written by Helen Nolden:  In 1893 the Soo Line Railroad was expanding & hired many people to help lay steel & ties.  Among these people were many Chippewa Indians who often noticed a dog that roamed the area.  They spoke often of the dog in their native language & began referring to this area as “Anamoose”.  Anamoose means dog in Chippawa.   Although the pronunciation has changed some, the name remains the same.”

Anamoose is unique as there is only one city in the US by the name of Anamoose. 

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