A Good Year for the City

city-grader.jpgThe Anamoose City Board has made a few changes this year.  They purchased a 1980 grader that is 10 years newer than the old one.  Brent Weninger enjoys working with.  He says he doesn’t have to wear ear plugs any more. 

recycle-bin.jpgThe Board had Recyle Bins made that take plastics 1 & 2, newsprint, & corrugated cardboard.  HAV-IT from Harvey picks up the items. 

The Anamoose Renaissance Zone is in the process of being set up.  It will assist businesses in the community through Renaissance Zone incentives & other funding. 

A lot located by the Lutheran Church was donated by the Albrecht family.  The city is planning for it to be used as a skating rink.  During the summer Brent will be constructing the rink. 

We passed Home Rule in 2008 & the city board started a 1% sales tax in 2009.   The city collected $7,821.47 for the year.  Mayor Mike Rudnick said it did better than he had expected it to. 

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