Recaping Last Year and Moving Forward

Our Horizion’s Steering Committee met Monday evening to plan for 2010.  Retaining businesses & attracting new ones is very important to Anamoose like most small communities.  If things go as planned, this spring Farrell Helm will be putting up a new building north of the railroad tracks for sales of chemicals & seeds.  TJ Martin will be the Manager Agronomist. 

The Market in the Park committee will be meeting March 8th to plan for this summer’s market. 

old-building-2.jpgThe condition of the vacant buildings on Main St was discussed, but no easy solution was found.   Flower pots will be planted  & put on Main St. again this year. 

There is federal money available for Rural Housing loans, new businesses & businesses wanting to expand.    Maria Effertz Hanson, McHenry Co. Director, is very knowledgeable about these programs.  She can be contacted at 701-626-2551.

Mardell Helm continues to give out Welcome packages to new residents & also to hunters in the fall.  We would like to promote hunting in the Anamoose area & also have a special night for hunters; possibly the first Saturday in October.  If someone is willing to take in hunters let me know, so we know what housing is available. 

Articles are needed for the McHenry County & Anamoose web sites.  Please contact me or Sandy Cartwright if you have something of interest. 

The Fire Dept. will soon be cutting down diseased trees.  The trees have already been marked for removal. 

The Senior Citizens is always looking for new members.  You only have to be 50 years old to join.  Membership is $5. 

  Discussion was also held on how to get new people involved in the community. 

We all would like to see paved streets, sidewalks, curbs & gutters if & when there is money for this project.  Many of the sidewalks & gutters on Main St. are broken up.

Things for young people to do are hard to find in small communities like Anamoose.  Volleyball & Basketball games attract many young spectators in the winter time.  Hopefully we will have a Demolition Derby & street dance this year.  Many kids are waiting for the return of the skating rink this coming winter. 

Anamoose has 3 well planned birding tours in the area.  There are birding brochures at the KB Bar & Anamoose Cafe. 

meeting-of-horizons-group.jpgThese are just some of the ideas discussed at the meeting.  If you have any projects that you woould like to see done contact any of the board members. Pictured are : Janice Buchholz, Phyllis Zimmerman, Bill Goodwin, Dennis Zimmerman, Mardell Helm,  Joe Weninger, & Shirley Nitz.  Members not pictured are:  Bonnie Dockter, Kaya Engen & myself.  (Double click on picture to enlarge)

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