Active Anamoose Fire Dept talked to Brent Weninger about future plans for the Anamoose Fire Dept.  Brent said a new tanker truck will be purchased.  Uniforms & about 6-10 SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) are to be replaced.  A new pump for the grass fire unit has been ordered. 

The monthly meeting night has been changed to the last Friday of each month.  This will allow men that work out of town during the week to attend.  At the March meeting the firemen watched 2 videos on Forcible Entry; & Search & Rescue.  They  practiced these skills & also how to safely advance on an anhydrous tank leak & keep the fumes down with spray till they could turn the valve off. 

Sunday, March 28th the Firemen had a Turkey Bingo Fund Raiser.  Seven Turkeys, ten hams, & many donated door prizes were given out. 

members-of-fire-dept.jpg Brent Weninger is the new Fire Chief.  Other officers are: Assistant Fire Chiefs: Dean Martin & Jeff Lemer, Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Rudnick.  The Fire Dept. has a full roster of 30 members plus 4 reserves.  Pictured are: left to right:  John Hase, Jeff Lemer, Nathan Martin, Jason Mann, Dean Martin, Mark Engen, Ernie Lageson, Bob Becker, Joe Linardon, Brent Weninger, Adam Ehrman, Zach Fitzgerald, Scott Mack, Glen Mayer, Scott Meckle, & Brad Lageson (right front). 

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