Three New Residents Welcomed

      100_1713.JPG      Scott, Tami & Mackenzie Piper were visited by Mardi Helm from the Anamoose Welcoming Committee today.  They have been in the city for a few weeks and are busy doing some Spring clean-up.  Tami was at work at Cenex so she missed having her picture taken.  The other two are shown with the sign made especially for them.  Scott came to ND about 1 1/2 years ago and met Tami in the Denhoff/McClusky area where she lived before she came here.  Scott’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, gardening, flowers and cooking.  Tami likes the areas of cosmetology and Mackenzie likes playing outside and with her stuffed animals.  She attends Anamoose/Drake Public School and is in the second grade.  Her favorite food is “Hot Wings” which is one of Scott’s specialities.  Please welcome them when you see them about town.   

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