Fund Raising

aacf-brochure.jpgThe Anamoose Area Community Foundation met this past Saturday to plan for 2 fund raising events this year.  Brent Weninger is in charge of a Calendar Raffle where we will be selling October 1-30th dates.  Winners will get $100 on Sundays, $50 on Saturdays, & $25 Monday through Friday. 

A Corn Feed is tentatively planned for Sunday noon, August 22nd.  Rose Weninger is chairman.  We will serve corn, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, bars, coffee, & kool-aid.  There will be a free will offering for the meal with a suggested minimun of $5.  A Silent Auction & entertainment are also planned.  Phyllis Zimmerman, Shirley Nitz & myself (Alyce Heer) are in charge of obtaining items for the Silent Auction. 

Letters will be sent out to business places updating what we have been doing & requesting donations.  A letter will be sent to alumni along with the letter that announces the 2011 reunion. 

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