Finally – The Roth’s Are Welcomed to Anamoose!!

   000_0005.JPG  When you have people that are busy and a bad winter to get around you delay the usually timely “Welcome to Anamoose”.  Wilson & Stacy Roth and their daughter, Dawn have been here almost a year and came to us from Wyoming.  Wilson was a Building Contractor and is now enjoying ranching on the former “Schwartz Ranch” located North and East of the town and on the shores of Antelope Lake.  He is also busy getting things in shape around the farm.  Dawn is in the 9th grade in the Drake/Anamoose School System.  Stacy works for St. Aloisius Medical Center as a CNA and Activities Assistant.  I was able to welcome Stacy at work while I visited several residents on Unit A yesterday.  New citizens are given Anamoose dollars, meal tickets to the Senior Citizens, coupons from Heringer Lumber and a folder that gives them information about Anamoose businesses, church schedules, eating places, points of interest in the area and information that makes the move to our town more enjoyable.  They are also given a handmade sign as shown in the picture of Stacy.

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