Happy Feet For Life

happy-feet.jpgLast night our Anamoose Happy Feet for Life team took part in the Harvey Relay for Life to raise money to fight cancer.  Our team raised $1600, & the Relay raised about $39,000.  Pictured are:  Tony Martin, Shirley Nitz, Mardi Helm, Alyce Heer, Janice Buchholz, Lyla Dockter, Barb Martin, & Darlene Frueh. 

The weather did not cooperate, so the opening ceremony was held in the armory.  It drizzled off & on, so we alternated between walking in the armory & outside.  About 10pm the hundreds of luminaries were lit & we were able to walk around the block to see them all.  Most of the adults headed home then, while the SADD youth, with their advisor Kim Meckle, walked all night. 

Pat Jund had his hair cut off by Angie Siebe , New Image Salon.  His hair was donated for cancer.  Pat told me he has been planning for 2 years to donate his hair. 


dave-voeller.jpgThe Life Savors team sold 10 tootsie rolls for a $1 vote for one of three contestants to get a pie in their face.  Dave Voeller, Ottertail employee, got the most votes, but all 3 contestants got a surprise pie.   

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