2 Years & Still Going

It’s almost 2 years since we completed our 18 month Anamoose Horizons Leadership program.  We are still continuing on with projects, but on a smaller scale. 

Our Horizons committee met Monday evening to update our activities.  Following are just  some of the many things we discussed:

  • Mardi Helm gives out Welcome packages to all new Anamoose residents.  To encourage them to shop locally the packages  include a $30 gift certificate from the Civic Club that can be used in any business in Anamoose.  Heringer Lumber gives discount coupons & the Anamoose Senior Center gives 2 free meal tickets. 
  • Main St. buildings were discussed, as several are in need of repair. 
  • Keeping residents informed is done with our monthly newsletter, the marque on Main St., the Anamoose web site-www.anamoose.com, & this blog.   Letting other people know about Anamoose is done with brochures in rest areas on I 94.  
  • This fall we will again decorate the posts on Main St.
  • Dead trees will be cut down by the Anamoose Fire Dept.
  • Discussion was held on our area birding trails & how to promote them.  We will get a group together to go on one of the trails. 

      horizons-group.jpg  Pictured are members of the Horizons Steering committee standing in front of one of the 4 Main St. flower pots paid for by the city.  Janice Buchholz & I keep them watered.   (Dennis Zimmerman, Janice Buchholz, Bill Goodwin, Shirley Nitz, Joe Weninger, Mardi Helm, Bonnie Dockter.  Missing are Phyllis Zimmerman, Kaya Engen & myself (photographer). 

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