1st Annual Mid-Dakota Tractor Trek

http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swfI went to Martin early this morning to see all the tractors in the 1st Annual Mid-Dakota Tractor Trek.  They journeyed 9 miles from Martin to Harvey where they joined the Harvey Fest parade at 10am.  Lawrence Bartz, Anamoose, was asked by the Harvey Chamber of Commerce to organize the tractor trek.  Lowell Dusek was in charge of the cooking with LJ Dusek & Jeff Lemer (all of Anamoose) flipping pancakes.  Lowell said they used 7 dozen eggs.  I even got to sample the sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes, juice & coffee.  The breakfast was held in Doug’s Auto Body Shop due to the scattered rain showers. 

Thirty tractors took part in the trek.  Most of the tractors were older models.  Eugene Pillatzke had an old school bus on behind his tractor.  Jacob Ammon was proud to be pictured driving Lawrence Bartz’s John Deere,  a favorite of many.  Four $20 prizes were given out before the tractors took off for Harvey. 

There were 36 sponsors for the event.  From Anamoose the sponsors were:  Pete’s Tractor Salvage, Stan Martin Agency, Heringer Lumber,  Buechler Oil of Harvey, Martin, Anamoose & 1st State Bank of Harvey & Anamoose. 

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