Anamoose Pony Ball Team Wins Tourney

barbie-and-team.jpgBarbie Martin, Summer Rec Program Chairman, sent me the following information about the Anamoose Pony Ball team. 

On Friday the 9th we went to a Pony Ball Tournament in Harvey.  Our first match up at 9am was with the Harvey l Team and we took it with a score of 12-11.  We moved on then to play the Harvey ll Team and took that one also with a score of 18-6!  That took us then into the championship round in which we then played Towner.  This was a tough game.  We trailed behind but caught up in the last inning with a tie of 8 to 8.  We then had to play it out with one  more inning but lost 9 to 15.  Our team played very well.  On Monday we went to Towner for a game and got revenge by taking them 16 to 8.  The trophy we are sitting with is our 2nd Place trophy from the Harvey Tournament and it is taking in Anamoose after our home game last  night.  There are a few too many kids because the Tballers wanted to join in the picture.  Those that played in the tournament were: Paige Bromley, Seth Fahy, Samantha Martin, Bradley and Joshua Marquart, Hunter Fletschock, Brock Bender, John Hoffmann, DJ Martinez, & Payton Martin. 

The team played Drake on Tuesday evening and won 19 to 2.  Wednesday night they lost to Harvey 8 to 9.  This coming Tuesday they play Fessenden and Thursday they play Drake at Drake. 

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