2010 Summer Improvements

dockter-house-2.jpglindas-roof-2.jpgkesler-roof.jpgback-of-kesler-house.jpgSpring & summer brings improvements around Anamoose.  I know of 3 homes that got new roofs-1.  Duaine & Lyla Dockter, 2.  Linda Uhlich  3 & 4 Emanuel & Angie Kesler.  Kesler’s roof is unusual.  It is the only round roof in Anamoose &  I counted 7 different roof sections on the north side of their house.  It is a Victorian home. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

kesler-house-2.jpg Emanuel Keslers purchased Selma Swanson’s home on Main St. & are in the process of painting & doing some remodeling inside.  Bonnie Helm has purchased the Kesler home. 

rons-building.jpgRon & Sandy Cartwright have a new 20 by 32 ft. storage shed behind their house.  They call it “the Cartwright Hall”. 

vannett-garage.jpgWayne & Arla Vannett just added another garage beside their single car garage.  They are having the cement floor done next week.

water-fall.jpgAt Schmaltz’s Greenhouse Mike built a waterfall area with rocks & flowers. 

scraping-painting-yellow-lines.jpgThe outside of the school has been recently painted.  Pictured are Cheryl Linardon & Mary Jane Schmidt scraped the yellow lines on the curb so they could paint the next day.  

getting-ready-for-chemical-building.jpgThe land north of the track is being leveled for Helm’s Flying Service business.   

old-sign.jpg  Something that needs improving is the sign 9 miles east & 1 mile south of Anamoose on the gravel road.  The whole sign needs replacing.  Any ideas? 

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