Helen’s Stories

helen-nolden.jpgIf you want to know something about Anamoose’s history, the person to go to is Helen Nolden.  At age 86 Helen remembers things that happened back in the early days as if  it just happened yesterday.  She gave me  7 more articles to add to our History section on our Anamoose web site-www.anamoose.com.  I laughed so hard reading the article about how she caused all the balloons to pop just before a wedding anniversary celebration at the Catholic Church. 

Helen was a columnist in the late 80s & early 90s for the Velva Valley Star.  For 10 years she wrote articles twice a month.  She also wrote several articles for Harvey, Minot, & Towner newspapers from 1972-1999.  Helen told me “People need to remember these articles were written years ago about things that took place back then.  You need to project yourself back in time.”

Virginia Fairbrother, a columnist for the Mouse River Journal, told us at a Senior Citizen meeting last week that “when a person dies, a library dies”.  —-“See that stories are handed down.  They are history.”

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