August Sun Brings Fun in Anamoose

delilah-engen-barb-helm-sandy-cartwright.jpgwaynes-rummage-sale.jpgWow, was it hot Saturday!  But that didn’t stop all the activities in Anamoose.  From 7:30am to 2pm there were city wide rummage sales all over town.  What a variety!  1.  Delilah Engen, Barb Helm & Sandy Cartwright joined forces for a rummage sale.  2.  Wayne Vannette’s rummage sale. 

demo-derby.jpgThe Domolition Derby started at 2pm north of the tracks.  There were 18 entries.  They really pounded the heck out of the cars, but Zach Ponzer, Anamoose, emerged the winner of the $1000 first prize.  Micky Schmaltz, Anamoose, took the 2nd prize of $500.  Pat Jund did a great job of entertaining the large crowd with music and contests. 

In the evening K-Hook furnished the music for the street dance.  Good music!

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