From Auction to Wedding Bells

crowd-at-auction.jpglouie-in-carriage.jpglonda-brandon.jpgYou might not think a wedding & an auction have much in common, but they did yesterday.  The southwest corner of Anamoose was bustling with Emanuel & Angie Kesler’s auction, & down the street at the Lutheran Church Londa Dusek (daughter of Lowell & Linda Dusek)  & Brandon Weninger (son of Brent & Faye Weninger) were married at 5pm. (Click on pictures to open).

2nd-day-of-auction.jpgold-school-bus.jpgThe Kesler auction extended today (Sunday) from 12 noon to 4pm.  I was amazed when a large old clock went for $1000. 

A neighbor, Mary Dockter, was selling her quilts out of her garage. 

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