Fall Fund Raiser

crowd-at-waffle-brunch.jpgtaking-money.jpgkitchen-workers.jpgphyllis-making-waffles.jpgThe Anamoose Senior Citizens held their annual Waffle Brunch Fund Raiser today.  A great crowd turned out for the waffles, sausage, & egg bake.  I just took pictures of a few of the many volunteers that worked Saturday getting ready & Sunday serving.  I missed taking a picture of the chairman, Angie Kesler.  1.  Some of the waffle eaters  2.  Volunteers-Dennis Zimmerman, Bill Goowin, Emanuel Kesler, Buck Buchholz (standing)  3. Kitchen help-Marceline Hoaglund, Janice Buchholz, Barb Helm, Barb Martin, & LaDonna Goodwin. 4.  Phyllis Zimmerman.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

kathy-selzler-buying-tickets-from-wayne-vannett.jpgdennis-wins-quilt.jpgAnother annual fund raiser is a quilt raffle.  Dennis Zimmerman is shown with the quilt he won.  There were over 1900 tickets sold.  Wayne Vannett sold 1152 tickets.  He is a born salesman!  Pictured are:  1.  Wayne Vannett & Kathy Selzler. 2.  Dennin Zimmerman.

mabel-with-cross.jpgMabel Forschen donated a tatted cross to raffle off.  Nancy Fry was the winner of the cross. 

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