Chugging Forward Together

Tuesday at Marketplace of Ideas in Fargo Jasper Schneider, State Director of USDA, said, “It is an exciting time to be a North Dakotan”.  “We are self determined people.  We keep chugging forward.”  Yesterday at Jerry & Gladys Schnase’s 50th Anniversary party I realized that many of us are chugging forward with the same mate.  At the anniversary & this morning at the Senior Center brunch I took pictures of 13 couples.  They have been married a total of 581 years, or an average of 45 years.  That is a lot of togetherness!  Add to that a few that I missed getting pictures of this am-Barb & Jerry Helm-45 years, Sandy & Ron Cartwright-48 years & Vernon & I-53 years. 

But we also have younger couples & singles that give us a well rounded, stable community. 

Pictured are: (Click on picture to enlarge) 1. Bill & LaDonna Goodwin-53 years 2.  Buck & Janice Buchholz-53 years 3.  Deloris & David Geinger-30 years 4.  Dorothy & Jerome Peerboom-57 years  5.  JoEllen & Butch Ehrman-41 years  6.  Kathy & Doug Rademacher-28 years


7.  Kevin & Deb Reinowski-19 years  8.  Matt & Helen Sieg-61 years  9.  Rosie & Royce Ponzer-48 years.  10.  Shirley & Bill Nitz-44 years   11.  Stan & Norma Martin-43  12.  Tillie & Lawrence Reinowski-54 years.


13.  Jerry & Gladys Schnase-50th anniversary party Sat. Oct 3.  14.  Entertainment  15.  Jerry’s antique car 


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