It’s Hunting Time

Mardi Helm put together some great Welcome packages for hunters.  Today I helped her deliver some updates to a couple of Hunting Lodges.  I met some very friendly hunters from Kentucky.  The 13 of them are staying at Butch & JoEllen Ehrman’s hunting lodge  & home.  JoEllen said they have been housing hunters for about 6 years.  “We have always had very nice hunters!”    In visiting with the hunters one remarked that they had “excellent hunting” this year.  They had been here for 5 nights & were just loading up to leave. 

I thought all the ducks in the area are of one type, but of the 10 ducks they shot Wednesday, they had mallard, teal, duffle head, pintail, shoveler, red head & canvas back. 

hunters-at-ehrmans.jpgequipment.jpgPictured are some of the men from Kentucky:  Mike Pifer, Mike Eisenback (the decoy packer) Eric Blankenship, Brad Cantrell, Jim Seedars, Rob Allen, John Biller, Rob Sturgeon, Brian Sapp, & Cory Eisenback.  They bring a lot of equipment with them.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

buffle-head-duck.jpgPictured is a female buffle head that Jim Seedars shot.  He is the owner of Clearwater Taxidermy in Louisville, KY.  He said it had a “real pretty plumage & was a good shot”.  He also saved the head of a pintail for mounting. 

We have 9 Hunting Lodges in the Anamoose area:  Doc’s Lodge, Timblin’s Flyway Retreat & Fishing Outfillters, Wood Duck Inn, Sagehill Bed & Breakfast, Engen’s Lodge, Kamof Lodge, The Hunting Shack with room for 8 & 6, & The Whispering Moose.  We also have 5 houses in Anamoose owned by hunters.  Mardi Helm also puts together Welcome packages for them with extra information on Anamoose. 

scott-zigtema.jpgI visited with Scott Zigtema of Cedar Rapids, Iowa who owns the house north of Frank & Roberta Ewert.  Scott is fixing up this house for his own use, but also owns 2 hunting lodges in Drake & one in Butte.  He rented out to 72 people last year for hunting, weddings, etc.  He comes  700 miles 3-4 times a year to work on his house.  Scott is helping our communities as he pays taxes, hires someone to cut grass, to clean his houses in Drake & Butte, pays a water bill in Anamoose, & brings in hunters to the area. 

As I read in the Summer Vacation Guide “There’s a reason not only North Dakota hunters, but thousands from other states, show such passion.  Hunting opportunities across the state range from upland game birds to an array of big-game species to abundant waterfowl”. 

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