Save the Bank

save-the-bank.jpgI requested information from Jacque Reis, who along with Bonnie Helm, has been spearheading a community initiative to save the bank.  The following is an email I received from her today:

Good news!  The historic bank building located on Main St. next to the VFW has been purchased by a group of concerned citizens, wanting to save and preserve the building for the future.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to this effort.  Of course our work is not done, but a huge hurdle has been removed by the purchase. We can now begin the process of planning and securing the funding to make this building a place in which our community can take pride in. 

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1 Response to Save the Bank

  1. Good I am very glad to here about this. It is a wonderful old building and it is a waste to see it deteriorate like it has. I for one will do what I can to help… I just love this littel town and all the folks living here are friendly helpful people. I’d be proud to do my part. I would also like to see a murral painted downtown somewhere. So all you artist out there get your thinking caps on. Maybe we could have a design contest to raise money for the paint.

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