Monday at the Senior Center

taking-bps.jpgWe all know we should have our blood pressure checked, especially as we get older-& older.  Blood pressures are taken by RN’s & trained personnel every Monday.  Mardell Helm reported they took 243 BP’s in 2010 & referred people to a Dr. if their BP was abnormal.  Pictured are Mardell Helm taking Brenda Wagner’s BP, & Phyllis Zimmerman. 

sr-center-alumni-quilt-calendar-raffle-006.JPGdoug.jpgMeals are served every Monday from 11:30am-1pm.  Kathy Rademacher started cooking November 1st.  Her husband, Doug, helps with peeling & mashing potatoes, dishes & clean-up.  The menu yesterday was chicken, mashed potatoes (real), beans, coleslaw, tangerines, bread, sour cream bars, & beverage for $6. 

dorothy-calling-bingo.jpgbingo-players.jpgmore-bingo-players.jpgBingo is played the first Monday of the month, followed by a meeting.  Pictured is 1. Dorothy Thomssen calling Bingo, 2.  Some bingo players.  3.  More bingo players-Mabel Forschen on right won 4 out of 8 games. 

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