Eleven new citizens have moved into town and we want you to give them all your special “WELCOME” when you see them.

  100_1921.JPG     Bonnie Helm moved here from Seminole Reservoir, WY.  Bonnie grew up in Anamoose and the Lincoln Valley area and is a graduate of Anamoose Public High School.  She brought 5 pets with her: Toby, her large Newfoundland Chow dog is 9 years old, her cats are Squeakers at 9 and Misty is 5 years old, Old Man was 23 years old and Sheaba was 19 years old when they passed away late this summer and are buried in her new front yard.  Bonnie moved into the former Kesler home in October and is still getting settled.  Her hobbies including restoring old houses, gardening, refinishing antique furniture and pottery and reading.  She works out of her home as a grant writer for educational institutions like colleges and universities.  Bonnie has also accepted the job of being in charge of next years “Anamoose All School Reunion”.

100_1895.JPG  Meet Jacque Reis (JR), who comes to us from Elk River, MN along with her little dog Zak who is 9 and her very large cat Ziggy who is 13 and kind of runs the house.  Jacque has 4 kids and 11 grandchildren.  She retired from Corporate America and moved here to be near her mother, Helen Nolden.  Jacque works out of her home making business cards, brochures, stationary, posters, Christmas letters and anything that can come off her computer.  Jacque also attended Anamoose Public School while growing up in Anamoose but she graduated in Minnesota.  Jacque has also recently become a “Notary Public” and can assist anyone by calling her to set up an appointment.   Call 465-3212

100_1914.JPG   100_1916.JPG Jon and Erin Fitzgerald and 4 month old Quinn come to Anamoose by way of Montana.  This is where the couple met.  Jon is originally from Jamestown and is renting his brother’s house in town.   Jon has worked for Schwan’s but is working on a job change that will give him more time with his family.  Erin is very busy with their darling son and has a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing.  They both enjoy hiking, movies and their time together.  They also have a dog named Nell and a cat named Jade.


100_1897.JPG  Meet Stephen and Susan Wood and daughter Dakota who moved here from Utah.  Stephen is a truck driver with hobbies of motorcycle riding, being a tattoo artist and boating.  Susan likes making earrings and baking.  Dakota is a 5th grader at Anamoose/Drake Grade School.  They have several pets which consist of a Parrot, Ferrets, dogs and cats.  They have several kittens that are looking for good homes.  You can call 701-681-0139 to inquire.

  100_1919.JPG     Kim Hanson comes to us from New London, MN.  She has 2 children, Whitley who is a Junior in High School and Wesley who is a 10th grader.  Kim has a degree in Market Management and currently works at “Motor Heads” in Fessenden with owner and friend Shawn Weltz.  She is also a CNA trainer at St Aloisius Medical Center in Harvey.  She cleans homes for others and has a multitude of hobbies such as quilting and making beautiful necklaces out of rocks she finds on the lake shores, when she finds the time.

  100_1923.JPG     Randy and Jolynn Reisenauer come to us from Dickinson, ND and before that they lived in Cathay where their children Christoper, Raelynn and Jessica graduated from Fessenden High School.  After the kids moved away from home they moved back to Dickinson where they have family.  They came to Anamoose because they missed this area of ND and found a nice home with some acres.  Randy works for Canadian Pacific/Soo Line.  His hobbies are fishing and working outdoors.  Jolynn loves to quilt and scrapbook.  She is currently busy unpacking and getting  their new home in order.  They have one grandchild named Joshua.

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