AACF-Helping Out the Community

The goal of the Anamoose Area Community Foundation is to raise money for annual grants to benefit projects & non-profit organizations.  Last year we raised $10,134.  We have again set $10,000 as our goal, as the North Dakota Community Foundation matches up to $10,000 each year.  In 2010 we gave $500 to the Civic Club for summer rec., $500 to Tri County Senior Meals, $1400 to the city for sidewalks, curbs & gutters & $500 to the AACF for expenses.

dorothy-4.jpgTo start out 2011 we had a calendar raffle for February.  Dorothy Thommsen was the $100 winner for Valentine’s Day, $75 winners was Dennis Zimmerman,  $50 winners were: Lydell Martin, Blaine Mack, Kelly Nitz, Mike Schmaltz, Tom Cassette, Verla Zimmerman, Stan Buxa, & Neil Zimmerman.  $25 winners were: Verna Bower, Tonya Ammon, Shanella Lemer, Cory Zimmerman, Dave Voeller, Reinhold Adam, Jim Paulus, Nathan Ammon, Robert Becker x2, Connie Rudnick, Tom Alme, Mike Schmaltz, Keith Reinowski, Vernon Heer, Holly Martin, Duaine Dockter,   & Jacob Weninger.

The following are testimonials from members of the AACF:

bill-4.jpgBill Goodwin-“We want to see improvements in our city.  We want to keep it active & growing.”

phyllis-z.jpgdennis-4.jpgPhyllis & Dennis Zimmerman-“It is exciting to be able to give to a worthy cause for the betterment of the community.”

joe-rose-weninger-5.jpg Rose & Joe Weninger-“Being active in the AACF is one way of giving back to our community.  Anamoose is a thriving community and we feel it is important to help keep it that way.  The AACF will assist Anamoose in accomplishing future goals in the community by providing financial support through grant money that may not otherwise be available.  As our fund grows, the “harvest” of our work will be more readily visible to the community.  We care about our community; supporting an organization that will continue to give even after we are no longer living is gratifying. “

dick-h2.jpgDick Hauser-“It keeps our small community active & open for new opportunities.”

brent-for-blog.jpgBrent Weninger-“I want to see improvements in Anamoose.”

shirley-4.jpgShirley Nitz-” To be a member of the AACF you are part of the community.  It helps the Anamoose area organizations & town with the funds to help sustain our town & keep it vital.”

alyce.jpgAlyce Heer-” Keeping Anamoose viable is important to me.  The Anamoose Area Community Foundation is a long term way to achieve this goal.”

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